Karen Walker

One of the biggest names in New Zealand fashion, Karen Walker has amassed an impressive fan base both in New Zealand and abroad. The designer is known for a quirky chic style that makes for gorgeous and clever accessories.

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Paul Hewitt

"Our collections reflect our spirit of diversity and understatement. A clean aesthetic framed in a minimalist design, rounded off with maritime details. Unique and variously combinable. The anchor symbolises more than just our Northern German origins. It is our expression of an attitude to life, a sign of authenticity and a bond to our home. Timeless values that never go out of fashion and that all our customers can discover for themselves."

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Versatility is a big focus when it comes to Kagi. Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets that you can match, mix or change around to your hearts delight.

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Endless Jewellery

*Unfortunately Endless Jewellery in Europe has ceased production. We still have selected items in stock and can potentially source items from the supplier in Australia.*

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Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore Known for creative, well-designed and smart styles, Andrea Moore has become a top name in New Zealand clothing and jewellery design over the past fifteen years. We carry a stunning selection of Andrea Moore jewellery, including necklace, rings and earrings.

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Ellani Collections is about people who love the beauty of fine jewellery and the inner confidence and pleasure it brings. Ellani jewellery is designed for the fashion styled modern women, leading trends that complete any outfit to inspire your best times and captivate unforgettable memories.

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